New Month – New Resolution

IT’S FEBRUARY – have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution?

This is usually the time that the gyms become less crowded, and people start going back to old habits.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!! So, I have decided to make this new month, a new resolution and I encourage you to join me!  I did “dry January” – so CHEERS to a new month and new goals!



I have lots of domestic trips coming up and will be away for THREE long weekends in February (YAY!)  I am so excited to start the year off with some warm, relaxing, fun, and delicious destinations. Over the next few weeks, I want to begin looking into my International plans and begin reviewing our big trip this year (I am thinking Asia).  Where do you want to visit?  A trip doesn’t have to be far, it doesn’t have to be “exotic” –  Take a look at my past posts regarding some great East Coast spots! I hope to inspire you to get out and explore this year!

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For February, I am going to make a point to add in more Pilates classes to my workout routine.  I started in this fitness “world” as a certified mat Pilates instructor and was then trained in reformer while living in Australia.  Lately, I have been attending the type of classes where you SWEAT – heat, dripping, loud music, all the vibes… I love it!!! But, I know how much Pilates made me so much stronger before. With Pilates mat, I can take these routines anywhere on the road with me, or beach! Even if it is just once a week for a mat, reformer, or megaformer class, that is my February New Years, New Month resolution. Are you sticking to your fitness goals?  What could you change this month to spark a change in your body?

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Let’s not focus on how we have gotten off track – Let’s pick ourselves up again and set an attainable goal for these next 4 weeks!

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