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How Much Do You Charge?

Unlike a travel agent, a Destination Specialist typically will not charge for their service.  They get paid direct from the suppliers. It's a win-win for client!

What do I pack?

I always recommend packing layers.  I am also a huge proponent of packing bags to separate cloths and organize. Some additional things I always take with me include a scarf, ziplock bags, and Vaseline (Pawpaw from Australia) 

Can you help me with an upcoming trip?

Yes, if i have traveled to the destination, I will work as the intermediary agent and have the arrangements put together for you.  Otherwise, I will recommend a Destination Specialist. 


What type of workout should I do?

I always recommend to try new things and find something that you like. It is different for everyone but if you enjoy doing it, you will more likely commit to it. Check out my New York City Reviews for something you may enjoy!

How Often Should I Workout?

If you are new to fitness, start with 2-3 days a week and slowly increase the amount of days. 

Can You Help Me Workout While Traveling?

Going away for work? Or heading to a beach vacation? Lets connect and we can set up Skype Training sessions or pre-departure workouts. Contact us!


What Exactly Do You Do?

Shelby is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the mornings and at night. Her '9-5' is in the travel and tourism industry. So, she has combined her passions and started Travel Fit Love to encourage people to stay active while traveling.

How Can We Work Together?

Looking for a collaboration or what to train together? Please contact us!

Have Another Question?

Please reach out and we will be in touch!