How this all started

As my 30th birthday was approaching, I had a moment of “what have I done with my life??” I took the opportunity to look back through all of my travels, as well as recognizing that I have two careers which I am truly passionate about. I realized that I’ve done a lot and should be so proud of that! I got the 'Travel Bug' when I was 13, on my first trip to Japan. Having studied the Japanese language and culture, I loved immersing myself!! It was like putting a classroom into real life and I was hooked! When creating Travel Fit Love, I knew I wanted to inspire people to travel and encourage them to stay active when out of their day to day routine.

Shelby Albo


I grew up dancing so being an active person was normal for me. Daily dance classes and nightly rehearsals were always a part of my day-to-day “itinerary”. After college I moved to Australia to pursue dance and worked for a Pilates company. I have always been inspired to help people feel good about themselves and working in fitness has allowed me to do this.

The blog

After moving back from Australia (which is when I started my first blog) I went into “Corporate America” and worked for a group travel company. Now, I work for a luxury bespoke travel company in New York City. I also started dancing again and the spark to move was 'relit'; I began training in fitness. I am a certified personal trainer and currently instructing at boutique studios. I want to encourage people to stay active while traveling - I am so lucky to be able to do that in both of my careers!

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day bcome your profession"


Now, I travel for both work and pleasure – I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. While traveling, many people (including myself) find it difficult to maintain the routine of a healthy lifestyle, one that they have been so good at maintaining while home. In addition to writing about my trips and sharing insight, I hope to create a space for people to find ways to stay healthy, and keep fit, while traveling. From diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to trekking in Thailand, going on Safari in South Africa to Hiking the villages of Cinque Terre, welcome to Travel Fit Love!!!

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