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Passé – Burpee – Developé – Push-up

Once a dancer, always a dancer ❤ – This is @_Fit_Ballet

Dance was my first form of fitness so I was so excited to try a workout class geared to dancers.  fitBallet combines the elements of a circuit training class with the strength and elongation of a ballet class. Read More…



Named the ‘Hardest Workout in NYC’  – this is @Tonehouse

ToneHouse will bring out the inner athlete in you! This group fitness class uses all planes of motions, just like you would on the field/court. It is safe to say that the warm-up is probably the most difficult part of class…. Read More…



When a high intensity workout, mixed with power flow Yoga combine – this is @RehabNYC

I was invited to take Rehab during a mid-day “lunch break” and was excited to see what I could experience from a 35 minute class.  I was happily surprised!  While there were some familiar yoga flows/poses involved, there was much more body power required.  We had different intervals of movement mixed with body weight isometric holds.  Read More…


Cardio Sweat Party

Dancing, boxing, and sweating all in one class – you have to check out @mzmotivational and her Cardio Sweat Party!!!

Cardio Sweat Party is a hybrid class that uses cardio kickboxing, dance movements, strength training, and core work through choreography. I have taken this class a few times and every time I leave smiling, sweating and feeling good!  Read More…


East River Pilates

East River Pilates is a traditional Pilates studio in Brooklyn. They have a variety of classes including mat, reformer, cardio + condition and West African Dance!! Their clean and sleek space is modern and inviting. I can’t help but mention that the wonderful owner, Kimmy, is Australian so of course I fell in love with this place even more. Read More…


Feel This Burn

I had ALL of the Feels (my booty, the vibes…) with @feelthis_ and the creators of @dreamsetmake

‘Feel This Burn’ is a full body toning class! You start of class on the floor in savasana, then move your way up to abs, legs, booty and midway adding in a quick cardio song, to then work your way back down, ending in savasana. This “bookend” method really gave the class a feeling of fullness and one whole seamless movement. Read More…


Rumble Boxing

Had to see what all of the ‘rumble’ was about! This is @rumble_boxing

Rumble Boxing is a brand new group fitness boxing class. There are 10 rounds (3 minutes each) in your 45 minute class, moving from strength training to the punching bag.  Your boxing is based on 6 moves – Jab, Cross, Front & Back Hook, and Front & Back Uppercuts. Read More….



Doing the time with @ConBody

ConBody is a full body resistance workout, only using your body weight – no props.  This class is a prison designed bootcamp which was developed while Coss Marte was doing his time.  With full circle drills and count-offs, there is definitely a sense of community and comradery in class. Read More…


The Rope

Feeling like a kid again with Amanda Kloots and @theropenyc!

I was so excited to try out this class which would take me back to my childhood.  ‘The Rope’ incorporates a full body workout with intervals of jumping in between.  I LOVE that this is a prop you can easily pack and take with you on a trip! Read More…


AKT in Motion

Cardio is my happy hour!  This is @AKTinmotion

The dim lights, disco ball, and loud music makes for an experience like none other. AKT  in Motion (Anna Kaiser Technique) has many class options including Dance Based Interval Training, Circuit Based Interval Training, partner classes and more. Not only was the workout a challenge and I got in a good sweat, the studio is doing a week long retreat to Travaasa!! The Experiential Resort that was featured in my January destination post. #TravelFitLove  Read More…


Flex Studios

Flexing and burning my muscles in a revolutionary full body workout out – this is @flexstudiosnyc

Flex Studios is a modern fitness space providing Pilates reformer classes, barre and TRX. The reformer class uses the exclusive FLEXFORMER – combining the Pilates reformer and Pilates chair, into one apparatus. The hybrid machine combines strength training and cardio for a full body session.  Read More…



Ever wonder about @WundaBar_Pilates?

WundaBar takes the traditional bio mechanics of Joseph Pilates and adds in elements of a modern fitness class.  With good music, a jump board for cardio, and fun props, this is Pilates with a “makeover”.  Read More…



If cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby…. this is @SLTNYC

I consider myself pretty strong….until I get on the megaformer.  SLT (strengthen, lengthen, tone) is a 50 minute workout where you will feel muscles that you never knew existed!!   The constant tension from springs and instability from the carriage will have your core engaged and muscles shaking. Read More…


New Month – New Resolution

ITS FEBRUARY – have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution? This is usually the time that the gym becomes less crowded, and people start going back to old habots.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!! So, I have decided to make this new month, a new resolution and I encourage you to join!  Read More…


Physique 57

57 minutes of your muscles burning, heart pumping, and music on point! – This is @Physique57

Physique 57 was the first “Barre” class that I took in the NYC Boutique fitness scene 8 years ago. As a former dancer, I was immediately attracted to the method. Read More…



This month I am a part of TWO New Year programs through two different studios. The exciting part is that I am on both spectrums. Check out my experience as a coach at The Bari Studio and as a participant at Swerve HERE.

Y7 Studio

Cool Beats – Hot Sweat – Tribe Strong

Yoga for the New Year – This is @Y7Studio

I never considered myself a “yogi” but would take a class here and there to stretch out my body.  Then, Y7 came along… This studio uses current music (think billboard charts) during class making it a lot more fun than what I was used to.  Read More…



Straight out of Southampton – this is @Eastendrow

Rowing was never my “go to” for a workout class.  However, that could change with a class like East End Row’s.  I liked how rowing was done to the music and the instructor found the tempo to the movements. Read More…



Good Beats – Good Sweat – Better Moves – Dancing it up with @bodyconceptions

I was so excited to get into Mahri’s class. Unlike most dance workouts where you build on a combination, Body Conceptions just keeps you moving. No need to worry about remembering anything, you just follow along!!! Read More…



Kettlebells – Trueforms – Rowers  OH MY       Let’s sweat it out with @bricknewyork

Brick Grand Central may be known for their @crossfit box but their B X class is definitely worth checking out if you love a good sweat. Each class is completely different – based on circuits with cardio and strength training. There are 3 types of cardio machines which is different than any other circuit class I have taken. READ MORE…



Lets get RIPPED with @rippedtrainingmethod

This HIIT Westchester Studio is brand new to the Upper East Side. The studio is clean and sleek but I recommend coming already changed due to the minimal changing space (A co-ed area of lockers and 1 changing room). READ MORE…



From Cape Town to NYC – This is @switchplaygroundusa

I was so excited to try this BRAND NEW workout in NYC and I especially love how @susansweats discovered Switch – working out while traveling!! ️ Switch Playground starts off with a 6 minute yoga flow, followed by 20 stations, 2 minutes at each, of heart pumping, muscle building, sweat dripping exercises. READ MORE…



HuMp DaY workout with @chaisefitness

I discovered Chaise Fitness just months after their opening (several years ago). As a former dancer and Pilates fan, I love the use of the Pilates chair and bungees from the ceiling – giving you a full body workout. READ MORE…



‘Swerving’ through the week with @swervefitness

Swerve is a boutique spin studio with a team building concept. You will work the entire body while riding to the beat of the music. Gain points for yourself, and your teammates in this fun, yet competitive cycling class. READ MORE…



The other man in my life…. @barrysbootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp combines cardio on the treadmill and strength training on the floor. I love that every workout/class is new and different! Barry’s has made me a stronger runner – I started at a 6.0 run and just recently hit an 11.5 sprint! I love the short increments from the treadmill to the floor because I never get bored. READ MORE…



Tuck – Pulse – Sweat – @bfxstudio

“Stoked C3BARREMAX” with @kirastokesfit is not your ordinary barre class. Located in the @bfxstudio you can be sure to get in a full body workout and sweat. It’s a heart pumping, plyo added, good music, fun energy, sweat dripping class. READ MORE..




@Pelotoncycle is not just a spin studio, it’s a production! That’s right, each class is filmed live for viewers around the world so they can take class on their own “at home” Peloton bikes. Did you know that they have an app too? You can download it and view classes on your iPhone anywhere, anytime, for less than $13 a month! Talk about #TravelFitLove 😉 READ MORE…



Working out with these views with @Thepackoutdoor

@Thepackoutdoor is an awesome small group fitness class located on the LIC waterfront. (With a central park location too). If you like the combination of strength training and light cardio, this is a great option for you – in addition to dumbbells, ropes and kettlebells, the waterfront turf is used as a running track for warm-up and cardio intervals, revving up your heart rate during class. READ MORE…



Just haaaanngin around with these Fhit Fellas

@Fhittingroom has quickly become a part of my workout repertoire. This boutique studio focuses on High Intensity Training and will give you a sweat while leaving you feeling strong. READ MORE…