The ‘Adventure Bod’


I’ve recently heard the term “adventure bod” and it was something I could completely relate to.  As a fitness trainer/enthusiast and travel guru, ‘Bikini Body’ is no longer the ideal.  I workout 5-6 days a week, year round no matter the season. Whether I am in a Bikini or a Parka, I want to feel good for myself, not just on the beach or at the pool.  Additionally, I’m OK with enjoying vacation by tasting the local foods and drinking the local wines.

Most importantly, I want to feel strong so I can climb the subway stairs, hike a Glacier, SCUBA dive, and bike through a city.  I want to encourage people to work out and make it a part of their lifestyle rather than workout for a goal to be “skinny”.  Because truth is, strong is the new skinny.

What is your body capable of?



My go-to exercises when on the road are squats for the booty & legs, and planks for the arms & abs.  Not only are these great moves but you do not need equipment, can do them anywhere, and can incorporate a cardio aspect with them.  This will get the heart rate up and burn more calories throughout the day.


Feet are hip distance apart

Imagine sitting down in a chair behind you

Keep the shoulders down and abs pulled in

Put the weight into the heels and stand back up – squeeze the booty at the top

For cardio, add a jump at the top, as you stand up



Go onto your hands or forearms

Keep the shoulders over the wrists or inline with the elbows

Keep the pelvis inline with your shoulders

Pull the abs to the spine

You can go from forearms to hands, to work the arms

Add in Mountain Climbs, Burpees, and Froggers for cardio


So next time you set a goal for your body, prepare for your next adventure rather than your next outfit.  Be sure to follow my sweaty adventures on Instagram @TravelFitLove for more ways to stay active while traveling!


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