TRAVEL – At Home

Our travel arrangements have been put on pause the past 2+ months due to the Corona Virus and there are still so many unknowns for the future of travel.  There’s something about exploring and going on a new adventure that gets me excited and ignites something inside of me. So, the best thing I could do during this time was put on my “imagination hat” and plan adventures using things we have at home. Here are some of the activites we did in different destinations. Additionally, I have included other virtual experiences from online resources: 


Activities: We filled the inflatable travel tub with water and splashed around with toys.  The Beach Boys were blasting all afternoon and we played in the “sand” with a beach bucket, which turned out to be very entertaining. You can also get a sand box and build a sand castle!

Click for a virtual experience: Enjoy Island Living in Aruba


Activities: We played with all of Sidney’s stuffed animals and used an alphabet flashcard set to learn the letters and animals.  It was fun interacting with the big giraffe and Sidney loved checking out all of his animal toys in one place!

Click for a virtual experience: Follow @Singita for Live Game Drives


Activities: Sidney loved playing in the shower! I mean, underneath the ‘waterfall’. We hung a monkey up and I let him splash around. He rarely goes under a shower (maybe on the occasional vacation) so this was so much fun for him!

Click for a virtual experience: Visit the Rainforest with the Rainforest Alliance


Activities: Sure, maybe this was more for me…. but we had fun hanging out in our bathrobes, relaxing with cucumber water, and spending more time in Sidney’s bedroom than we normally would for playtime.


Activites: This was a fun afternoon on a rainy day and our outfits for the day made it really feel like a vacation. We put on Luau music, played a ukulele, and enjoyed fresh fruit at the ‘tiki stand’.

Click for a virtual experience: Hawaiian Airlines is offering a range of virtual experiences.


Activities: This was the quickest trip to Australia! We climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge – by going up and down the steps. We did a virtual tour the Sydney Opera House and Sidney had fun playing with the wildlife . I also tried to introduce him to vegemite.

Click here for a virtual experience: Sydney Opera House Digitally

We’ve made the most of our time at home and its been fun watching Sidney grow and explore in a different kind of way.  We cant wait to get back to real adventures when it is safe again! Where should we ‘go’ next?

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