Barry’s Bootcamp

The other man in my life…. @barrysbootcamp


Barry’s Bootcamp combines cardio on the treadmill and strength training on the floor. I love that every workout/class is new and different! Barry’s has made me a stronger runner – I started at a 6.0 run and just recently hit an 11.5 sprint! I love the short increments from the treadmill to the floor because I never get bored. This class has also taught me ways to mix up a workout while at a hotel gym. So, I will be sure to do this type of exercise during the next 2 weeks of traveling. For those intimidated to try, go for it! Let the instructor know you’re new and do the best you can. I promise you’ll see a difference as you keep pushing yourself through each class. Have questions about my ‘boyfriend’ Barry or what to take a class together? Email me!

travelfitLOVE: This happens to be one of my favorite classes to take. I too, dread a workout sometimes but I always feel so amazing after this class. Every studio has the amenities of showers and towels but also a fuel bar for your after workout smoothie – which you can pre-order before class. The dim lights, loud music, and ABmazing instructors can be intimidating at first but if you want to be “in the zone” and sweat it out, this is the class for you! Everyone is focused on their own exercise so don’t worry about other’s watching you.

Additional Thoughts: Some instructors push you more than others. So if you are not a runner and are new to class, it’s ok to take things at your speed. With that said, I encourage you to try and follow the speed and incline that the instructor tells you because I promise you will see a difference after a few classes. If you don’t like loud music or dark lighting, this may not be the best environment for your workout.

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