Brick New York

Kettlebells – Trueforms – Rowers  OH MY

Let’s sweat it out with @bricknewyork


Brick Grand Central may be known for their @crossfit box but their B X class is definitely worth checking out if you love a good sweat. Each class is completely different – based on circuits with cardio and strength training. There are 3 types of cardio machines which is different than any other circuit class I have taken. This really helps to get the heart rate up! Definitely a class to check out if you can push yourself and be “in the zone”.

travelfitLOVE: This class ALWAYS leaves me dripping (and sometimes shirtless). As you know, I love a good sweat! The cardio intervals / machines are a great bonus to what some people may think of as a “weights only studio”. The music is usually a bit of a throwback but I really try and focus on the interval numbers and push myself to finish. The facility has a lot of studios, large locker rooms, and a coffee bar on site.  Be sure to grab your shower towel from the desk downstairs before making your way to the showers, 2 floors up!

Additional Thoughts: The trainers are not as involved but rather give you the exercises and keep an eye on the timer. If you need more attention and more of a “push”, this isn’t where you would find it. If you don’t like to sweat, I wouldn’t suggest this class option 😉 I prefer louder music for the distraction but they don’t really blast it here so I find myself internally pushing and encouraging myself to get through each rep.

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