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Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream….
Rowing was never my “go to” for a workout class. However, that could change with a class like East End Row’s. I enjoyed that rowing was done to the music and the instructor found the tempo to the movements. He also used the rower in so many different ways for abdominal and leg exercises (think reformer). Going from the rower to the floor for abs and arms made for a complete full body workout. The 50 minutes went by alot faster than I thought and I felt stronger after. So maybe rowing is my new class for the New Year?!

TravelFitLOVE: I do enjoy working out to good music and finding the beat so I was surprised to experience that at East End Row. If you like a row class and enjoy that full body experience with added exercises, this is a great class to check out! Their space is warm and inviting and the studio has a “Hamptons rowing club” type of feel. I also love how there is a location out East so if you’re there traveling, you can be sure to get a workout in!

Additional Thoughts: If you have tight hips or lower back problems, this type of class could make it worse. Be sure to let the instructor know and take it at your pace (and engage those abs!).  While it’s a full body 50 minute class, you may not drip with sweat. That could be a good thing especially since there are no showers.  So, prepare accordingly 😉

East End Row is offering TravelFitLove readers an AMAZING discount – 2 classes for $20!


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