Fhitting Room

Just haaaanngin around with these Fhit Fellas


@Fhittingroom has quickly become a part of my workout repertoire. This boutique studio focuses on High Intensity Training and will give you a sweat while leaving you feeling strong. One of my favorite things about this studio, which differentiates them from many others, is that there are two instructors in class. Their energy, encouragement and personal attentions keeps me coming back for more.

travelfitLOVE: I love the loud music, dim lighting and energy from the two instructors. There are different components (Warm up, strength, circuit, FHIX, cool down) of class which makes the time go by really fast. EVERY class the exercises are different. It is great for someone working on their form because the instructors really focus on this. You can also pre-book your spot on the floor. My husband (and most guys) loves this class too so it’s fun to be able to take together!

Additional Thoughts: If you like your workouts to the beat of the music, this class isn’t for you. There aren’t as many ab focused exercises from what I have experienced.   The instructors love getting to know you and want to have fun – if you just want to “be in the zone” (which I totally get sometimes) the vibe may not be for you.

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