@Pelotoncycle is not just a spin studio, it’s a production! That’s right, each class is filmed live for viewers around the world so they can take class on their own “at home” Peloton bikes. Did you know that they have an app too? You can download it and view classes on your iPhone anywhere, anytime, for less than $13 a month! Talk about #TravelFitLove 😉 This class is a good sweat and the instructors have great energy as they are spinning and performing to thousands of riders. Don’t be surprised if the females are wearing make-up and jewelry during the ride.

travelfitLOVE: If you like spinning and enjoy a high energy class, it is definitely worth checking out. I don’t sweat as much as I do in other spin classes but I always know the class quality will be high up there. Peloton is very selective with their “cast” of instructors and all of them will get your heart rate up! If you like spinning to your own time and at your own level, it’s a nice option for a boutique spin studio.

Additional Thoughts: Prefer a competitive spin class? Or maybe one with dance and rhythm focus? Then this probably wont be your “go to” spin studio. While some instructors try to spin to the beat, I often find the cadence and music aren’t always on point which is why this is a good option for someone who wants to spin on their own time.

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