Ripped Fitness

Lets get RIPPED with @rippedtrainingmethod


This HIIT Westchester Studio is brand new to the Upper East Side. The studio is clean and sleek but I recommend coming already changed due to the minimal changing space (A co-ed area of lockers and 1 changing room). The class has the structure of one of my favorite workouts: treadmill – weights – treadmill – weights (also posted this for a great hotel gym workout). RIPPED is a great mix of cardio and strength training, leaving no dry shirts in the room. Sign up now and your first class is free!

travelfitLOVE: I loved the change from treadmill to floor and getting in that good sweat (I LOVE to sweat which you will shortly learn). I always find that changing from cardio to strength, no matter the length of time, gives me a good workout. The facility is brand new so everything is clean and sleek. I found the studio to be less intimidating than others (brighter lights) which is great for many newbies to the fitness scene. A free class is also a great bonus!

Additional thoughts: If you’re not one for the treadmill, this may not be the class for you. It is a solid 12 minutes on there while other similar classes can be anywhere from 8-12.   I found the music to be a bit low for a workout that requires so much energy and stamina.

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