Tuck – Pulse – Sweat – @bfxstudio


“Stoked C3BARREMAX” with @kirastokesfit is not your ordinary barre class. Located in the @bfxstudio you can be sure to get in a full body workout and sweat. It’s a heart pumping, plyo added, good music, fun energy, sweat dripping class. I love that Kira uses anatomy terms and really explains what you should be feeling. Want a change to your normal barre routine? Check it out.

travelfitLOVE: As you may know by now, I love to sweat! This is not something I often experience in a standard barre class. (Don’t get me wrong… my muscles still burn in those classes!) However, the STOKED version of barre gets the heat going and I really felt like I got a workout in.

Additional Thoughts: There were many “regulars” taking so I found there to already be a community within class (Was I the “outsider”?). I tried to get a photo with Kira after but we were running late into the next class. I also noticed that in another session that we were not on time. BFX has many class offerings and offers great facilities / amenities (lockers, showers, etc).

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