Swerve Fitness

‘Swerving’ through the week with @swervefitness


Swerve is a boutique spin studio with a team building concept. You will work the entire body while riding to the beat of the music. Gain points for yourself, and your teammates in this fun, yet competitive cycling class. Even though you’re a part of a team, the technology allows you to track your own progress, sending you a report after each class. Not in Manhattan? Be sure to follow @swervefitness to find out about their pop-up locations.

travelfitLOVE: I always get a sweat in when coming to this class. I love the instructor’s high energy and more often than not, their amazing playlists. If you love a competitive atmosphere or riding to the beat of the music, this is the spin studio for you. It is nice to gain points for yourself but there is the element of the team that really makes me work for the points – I can’t let my team down! The studio has all the facilities you need including showers (their midtown location has about 6 in the women’s locker-room!) and a smoothie bar for a post workout refuel.

Additional Thoughts: The classes aren’t always filled which can be discouraging for a team based workout. So, you have to be ready to push yourself! If you don’t want the pressure of riding to tempo or staying focused on the RPM for your teammates, than this may not be the spot for you. However, since Swerve has so many components to it, which combines other spin studios into one, I find that it offers something for everyone.

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