Switch Playground

From Cape Town to NYC – This is @switchplaygroundusa


I was so excited to try this BRAND NEW workout in NYC and I especially love how @susansweats discovered Switch – working out while traveling!! ️ Switch Playground starts off with a 6 minute yoga flow, followed by 20 stations, 2 minutes at each, of heart pumping, muscle building, sweat dripping exercises. The circuit mixes cardio and strength movements while the live DJ is blasting your favorite beats. The energy in the room was unstoppable!! There’s nothing you can compare it to in New York so I definitely recommend checking it out!!

travelfitLOVE: People who get bored easily in a routine during class will love the fast pace and quick transitions. You are on the “go” and switching up your exercise every 30 seconds and your station every 2 minutes. I loved the loud music and the amazing energy in the room.

Additional Thoughts: If you are a beginner to working out, this class may be too fast for you. While I love that there 6-8 trainers on the floor to assist, the loud music is hard to hear them and the fast transitions make it hard to pick up the exercises (if you cant hear what they are saying). Someone who is not familiar with the body may find it hard to keep up.

I hope to visit the studio again sometime soon and will be sure to provide an update!

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