Physique 57

57 minutes of your muscles burning, heart pumping, and music on point! – This is @Physique57


Physique 57 was the first “Barre” class that I took in the NYC Boutique fitness scene 8 years ago. As a former dancer, I was immediately attracted to the method.  I loved working out to the tempo of the music and couldn’t believe how easily I could feel my muscles. Be sure to check out a class with their 2 for 1 class special!

TravelFitLOVE: Physique 57 will get those muscles burning and I love feeling /the effects a day or two after.  Moving to the tempo also makes the class a bit more fun because you can incorporate the music more. Don’t be intimidated by the barre – you will use a bunch of different props too.  Also, while the structure is often the same, each class is different which is great!

Additional Thoughts:  This class is often filled with females.  I know men are not attracted to this type of class but it is a great option for them and they will 100% feel it.  If you want something with more of a cardio aspect, they do offer S.B.T or Sweat Burn Tone.  However, this will not be like a cardio class (like spin).

Want to take a class together and get your two for 1 deal?  Email Me!

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