FAILPROOF AND THE LEAGUE – Two Studio’s New Year programs

This month I am a part of TWO New Year programs through two different studios. The exciting part is that I am on both spectrums:

FAILPROOFThe Bari Studio : I am a coach and helping to facilitate, inspire and motivate my group of clients in The Bari Studio’s New Year plan called ‘Failproof’. This is a customized 5 week plan with different tiers and options depending on your wants, needs, and resolutions.  All clients will receive measurements through the ultra-sound RX system which measures muscle and fat.  Additionally, clients will get a meal plan or opt for a pre-made menu through Sakara. Then, the workout comes into play… each client will get a prescription of classes which is crafted and structured to their goals. This is the most successful program at Bari because of the Body, Food and Mind elements that combine for an overall experience.  For more information, check out more about Failproof here.

THE LEAGUE – Swerve : In Swerve’s program ‘League’, I am a participant. Just like Swerve’s team riding experience, it is a competition.  Riders are paired in teams of 6 with an instructor and will compete for attendance and overall Swerve score.  In addition to a month of unlimited classes, participants receive early access booking, nutrition plan, and half price smoothies for the month! One thing I love about Swerve and am personally enjoying during League is the community aspect.  Although we are competing, everyone is rooting for one another. This is Swerve’s first time doing Swerve League.  For more information, check it out here.


In this industry, I’ve always found it to be important to have different experiences and take different classes. Being a part of two programs will not only push me as a client but will also teach me as a coach, leader and mentor. Stay tuned on my month!

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