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Yoga for the New Year – This is @y7studio


I never considered myself a “yogi” but would take a class here and there to stretch out my body.  Then, Y7 came along… This studio uses current music (think billboard charts) during class making it a lot more fun than what I was used to.  The heated room guarantees you a great sweat and you walk out feeling like you got in a really good workout.

TravelFitLOVE:  I love the method at Y7 which begins with a slow flow series. From there, you take the same sequence a bit faster using your breath.  Then you are given about 1-2 minutes for your own flow time, taking the same sequence at your own speed and level. Because you are left “on your own” for the flow, class doesn’t allow time for your mind to wander as you remain focused on the flow you are learning.

I absolutely LOVE the heat! The 80-90 degree room leaves you dripping but it isn’t too hot where you can’t breathe.  The music is what differentiates this studio from any other. You are guaranteed Hip-Hop beats on Wednesdays and Sundays but from my experience on all other days, the music remains pretty current. If you love a good sweat and need time for your mind and body, definitely make it a New Year’s resolution to check out Y7.

Additional thoughts: There are many locations for this studio but they all vary in amenities. Make sure you check first if your location has showers. The studio charges $2 for mat rentals and do not take cash.  If you do not manage well in high temperatures, this may not be the spot for you.  If you are looking for a quiet meditation experience, I wouldn’t recommend this experience.

Have more questions or want to take a class together? Email Me: TravelFitLove@gmail.com

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