Ever wonder about @Wundabar_Pilates?


WundaBar takes the traditional bio mechanics of Joseph Pilates and adds in elements of a modern fitness class.  With good music, a jump board for cardio, and fun props, this is Pilates with a “makeover”.  Originally from California, this New York studio uses a patented WundaFormer for the workout.  This machine is a combination of the reformer, chair and jumpboard and it will give you a full body workout!

TravelFitLOVE: This is a chic and clean studio located on Thompson street.  The small size makes for an intimate training session which is nice for the New York scene.  I love that the technique is based on classic Pilates but that the music is loud and current. There are so many fun props and ways to use the machine so every class is going to be different! It’s so great that their first timer rate is $10 (yes please) and that they donate the proceeds to the Robin Hood Foundation . If you’re looking for a classic Pilates Studio with an updated vibe, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Additional Thoughts: While I enjoy the intimate studio space, please note there are no amenities or facilities on premise. There is one bathroom toilet so I recommend coming already dressed to workout. It is an open space so be respectful while waiting for your class. Even though there is not much variety to their online class schedule/class types, every class will be different. Please tell your instructor if you have any injuries or if you have any questions while changing the apparatus – for your safety 🙂

Want to take a class together? Email me: TravelFitLove@gmail.com

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