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I had ALL of the Feels (my booty, the vibes…) with @feelthis_ and the creators of @dreamsetmake



‘Feel This Burn’ is a full body toning class! You start of class on the floor in savasana, then move your way up to abs, legs, booty and midway adding in a quick cardio song, to then work your way back down, ending in savasana. This “bookend” method really gave the class a feeling of fullness and one whole seamless movement.

TravelFitLOVE: I loved the energy in the room and the method of a “loop” through the body.  That 1 song of cardio was all we needed because my heart rate was up the whole time.  And yes, there was sweat too 🙂 The class in New York is led by Courtney Romano and in Los Angeles by Romano’s counter part, creator Kara Griffin. YAY for bi-coastal class options #TravelFitLove. The two have also created @dreamsetmake – more on that later…

Additional Thoughts: The class is in PMT Dance Studio on Saturdays and Downtown Dance Factory on Wednesday mornings.  You will need to bring your own mat and water as the facilities are geared towards dance classes. This class is for all levels and for anyone who likes a good burn, in a positive atmosphere.  The ladies are also hosting a weekend in the Hamptons which I am very excited about #TravelFitLove – check out details below and a special promo code for readers to take class!

Courtney and I sat down to talk more about ‘Feel This Burn’ and the Dream.Set.Make retreat coming up in two and a half weeks:

TFL: What is Feel This Burn?

CR: Feel This Burn is a full-body dynamic toning class that exhausts every muscle group and elevates the heart rate all while moving with the music. Light weight and resistance plus the power of your own body weight fuels this class that melds pilates, bootcamp and dance-based movement. Class is bookended with savasana and mindful breathing.

TFL: What can people expect from class?

CR: People can expect to get super sweaty and super mindful. When you come take class, it feels like a journey your body and mind have to take together. You’ll flow progressively from one exercise to the next so it feels like the entire workout is one seamless movement. Training this way means you’ll get functionally stronger, but you’ll also be mindfully moving your body in space, in a way that feels challenging yet positive. Not to mention, it’s fun!

TFL: What makes ‘Feel This Burn’ different?

CR: Feel This Burn creates a space where you can get a highly functional and effective workout while utilizing the benefits of mindfulness and deep breathing. The workout will push you physically and tone you from head to toe and the experience is all about feeling good. It’s about reconnecting your mind and body. You’ll always come out of class feeling reinvigorated because you used your mind and breath to push your body beyond its limits. It’s the power of the #toneandom.

TFL: The band is a GREAT prop to pack in a suitcase #TravelFitLove – what are some exercises you recommend with it?

CR: We love the band! Kara Griffin, the creator of Feel This has a bunch of awesome videos here that utilize the band and that you can take with you wherever you go!

TFL: Any additional comments to our readers?

CR: Whatever you’re doing for your health, nutrition and mindfulness, remember that the point is to feel good, not beat ourselves up. At Feel This we like to say: eat, move and live for how you want to feel. It’s all individual. That’s part of why Feel This Burn is many different fitness modalities wrapped in one–the hope is that throughout class every person has a moment of it feeling right and satisfying to their own body. Go for the feelings of gratitude and love first and the results will always follow.

Travel Fit Love readers get a special 50% off promo code for their first Feel This Burn NYC class! Sign up here: bit.ly/FTBnyc and use promo code travelfitlove on your single class. One time use.

In addition to Feel This Burn, Kara and Courtney run immersive events for women called Dream.Set.Make Their next event is a Deep Dive May 5-7 in the Hamptons where you’ll reconnect with your intuition, realign your mind, body + spirit and take a transformational journey with a group of badass women. Check out the details + RSVP here! When you sign up with a friend, you both get a wellness package (value $340). To claim the package or learn more, email hello@dreamsetmake.com!

Want to take a class together or have questions about the Hamptons retreat? Email myself or Courtney at court@courtneyromano.com 


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