Rumble Boxing

Had to see what all of the ‘rumble’ was about! This is @rumble_boxing


Rumble Boxing is a brand new group fitness boxing class. While many people are comparing it to Barry’s Bootcamp, I think it has it’s own method and concept.  There are 10 rounds (3 minutes each) in your 45 minute class, moving from strength training to the punching bag.  Your boxing is based on 6 moves – Jab, Cross, Front & Back Hook, and Front & Back Uppercuts.  The instructor will give you combinations on the bag based on these moves.  They project the workout on the wall so you are never lost with what’s going on – it’s all right there.

TravelFitLOVE: This clean and sleek studio is in the Flatiron/Chelsea area making it pretty convenient from anywhere. I love that the workout is on the wall so you can follow along and know what’s going on through the loud music (which is needed). Their facilities are amazing with 4 showers in the woman’s locker room and products galore.  I have to say that I didn’t feel too intimidated because you are ‘hidden’ behind the bags under the dark lights. So if this isn’t a workout you would normally try – I recommend giving it a ‘punch’.  Be sure to check out their 2 for 1 new client special deal!!

Additional Thoughts: My first class was a 2pm afternoon session and I barely broke a sweat (and you know I LOVE a good sweat!) but I tried it again on a Sunday morning and felt GREAT! While I wasn’t drenched like I am from cardio based classes, it is a great full body workout.  In addition to purchasing class, you need to rent gloves ($3) and purchase wraps ($6) if you don’t have either.  The HIIT, METCON and cardio workout makes it a wonderful full body experience. However, if you have wrist or arm injuries, I don’t recommend taking right now.

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