Charleston, SC

CHS: I love Charleston because of its history, small city vibe, beaches, and FOOD.


Staying healthy when visiting Charleston was going to be difficult.  We went to indulge and try new things and that, we did! From Grits, to biscuits and even a night of bar hopping to try different cocktails, food one was one of the best parts of the trip!! So, we had to be sure to stay active and started the first day with…. SPIN.

We took class at Rev Ride. I would compare this class similar to Soul Cycle because you are maintaining the beat while riding and dancing together as one. It was a sweaty class which I love ☺️ The room was dark and candles were lit on the instructor’s platform.  I had taken Soul Cycle before so I was used to movements.  However, if you’re a beginner, it may take some time to get used to the sequencing and style.


From there, we were ready to enjoy the city of ‘Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places’.

The Horse and Carriage Ride is a great way to get a brief overview of downtown.  The city only allows a certain number of horses to be out at once and takes great care of the animals that assist in the experience.


Charleston is also a great walking city – another wonderful way to be active!  Walk around the Waterfront Pier, loop around to check out Rainbow Row. Continue south to the Battery, a landmark promenade along the Charleston peninsula. The narrow, shady streets open up to the Battery on the southern tip of the peninsula at White Point Garden. Stroll over to the City Market or make your way to King Street for shopping.


One of my favorite experiences was visiting Boone Hall Plantation.  It is still an active plantation / farm and has so much history.  It was even used in the famous film, The Notebook. You can take the trolley, explore the Slave quarters, and go inside of the home which is still used today!

Overall, I would recommend Charleston to anyone seeking a wonderful long weekend getaway. It is a great destination for 3-4 nights and many airlines fly direct from major cities. The beaches are beautiful but if you want to explore, I recommend staying downtown.


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