Equinox Resort

Looking for a destination to go Winter Skiing? Or Summer hiking with a side of golf? Check out @equinoxresort

Recently listed on the “Worlds Best Award” ballot for Travel and Leisure.

Equinox Resort is located in front of Mount Equinox in Manchester, Vermont. In the Winter, you can ski, go sledding, ice skating and more. And with just a short drive away from Stratton, you can have small town luxury away from the busy ski town. For Summer travelers, enjoy golf, fishing, hiking, and boating. There’s a small town with some restaurants and shops (outlets) but the hotel itself offers a cozy inviting environment.

Unfortunately, we went in October during a rainy weekend. So it was perfect to sit by the fireplace and read, check out the spa, and visit the local town. No one expected rain and sleet in October but it gave us the excuse to relax, which was the reason we planned this getaway.

HOW TO STAY ACTIVE: I was really looking forward to some hiking on our Fall weekend getaway. However, due to the rain and sleet, we spent most of the time indoors. There is an onsite gym and indoor pool for you to get in that low impact cardio. Or if you enjoy yoga, Heart of the Village Yoga is across the street.

The food was delicious and the staff provided 5* service. The resort is about 4 hours from New York City and is a great destination for an escape this winter!

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