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We recently took our first trip with our 4 month old baby, Sidney.  Having another human to care for on a vacation is a whole other adventure.  I have rounded up my top 10 tips / products for how to travel with a baby in hopes other parents can continue exploring, despite this new addition to the family. This post is not sponsored and does not have paid content.  All products are from my own experience and recommendation.

In no particular order….

1 – Give yourself PLENTY OF TIME!  While we used to get to the airport in time to grab a snack, now you need to account for the additional time to pump, change a diaper, grab food, etc. It never hurts to be too early (and as you know, I love the airport)

2 – Pump before take off. Cabin pressure is REAL! It was kind of crazy how quickly I felt it. Check out the Mamava pods in and around the airports for a private space to prepare baby’s milk for the flight.

3 – Its a good thing the “fanny pack” is back in style!  It was so helpful to have my hands free and have important things accessible. I don’t think I will ever be able to travel without one now. It also helped that my shoulders were also free for additional bags.

4 – I was always a “carry-on gal” no matter the length of the trip.  Now, I will be checking our bags so that we have extra hands for the baby. With that said, be sure to bring 2 days worth of diapers on the plane and some extra clothes for baby just in case the luggage is lost or you are rerouted.

5 – Use a carrier.  We started off with a carrier and found that holding Sidney was easier at this age. We understand that in a few months when he is bigger, a carrier will be an amazing option (so I have kept it on this list).  Additionally, the carrier would be super helpful for a single parent traveling alone.

6 – Feed baby at take off and landing. Even if it is 2 ounces of food, this will help with their ears popping. Sidney didn’t even notice the change in cabin pressure because we had him eating and then put the pacie in right after.

7 – Upgrade your hotel room category to include a sitting area / desk.  We used the desk as a changing table and set up a station for the weekend.  The sitting area allowed us to have a place to sit and feed Sidney without always having to get into bed.

8 – The Doona Stroller: This product is both a car seat and a stroller in one. The wheels drop down and go back up instantly.  It is compact and extremely useful when on the go.  The only downside is that there is no storage basket and you cant hang bags on it without it flipping. Overall, this is probably the best baby travel product to invest in!

9 – The Guava Family System: This bassinet is perfect to take on vacation and even to the grandparent’s house. We bought the ‘bundle’ so we will have the crib option too when Sidney is bigger.  I like having this because it is something he is used to and comfortable in, no matter where we go.

10 – Inflatable Tub: It never dawned on me that we will always need a bathtub now when traveling.  This munchkin inflatable tub is perfect for traveling!  Most European hotels do not have bathtubs so I highly suggest this because it is cheap, light and easy to inflate.

A few other products that I recommend traveling with include:

a small fan

sound machine

pop up tent for the beach or poolside

plastic bags for soiled clothes and used diapers

We will be traveling a lot this summer as a family – follow our adventures on Instagram @TravelFitLove

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