Buenos Aires, Argentina

EZE: I was so excited to visit my 6th continent and explore the largest city in Latin America – Buenos Aires.  I didn’t know this before traveling, but Buenos Aires is an extremely active and fit city.  Everywhere you go, people are on bikes, roller blading, and getting in a workout. With non-stop flights from New York, and their summer approaching, this is definitely a #TravelFitLove destination worth adding to your list.


WHERE TO STAY: I would suggest the Retiro and Reocleta areas which are central and considered “Downtown”.  While we spent the evenings in Palermo for dinner, and the day time throughout the entire city, the Downtown is a good central base. In Retiro, you will find San Martin Square with  NH Crillon and the Sheraton nearby.  The Park Hyatt is in Recoleta along with many boutique accommodations.

We’ve heard that Buenos Aires is a great  Airbnb destination so no need to rule those out.

**We had such a hard time figuring out the areas to stay in – The blogs out there talk about every part of the city… so, I wanted to narrow it down for you.  Please feel free to email me questions about specific areas.


WHAT TO DO: Explore the city by foot – make your way to Puerto Madera for lunch on the waterfront.  Continue up to La Boca where you can see the stadium and explore through the Caminito area of La Boca.  Walk along the cobble stone and admire the colorful houses, shops and restaurants on this “street museum”. Don’t hesitate to walk down the alley ways and wander through the buildings – in fact, you may come across a moment of tango between two lovers.

Tigre Delta is a popular day trip from the city.  This area is where the locals “weekend”.  Take a boat ride into the Delta, see the homes, and local rowers on their journey.   Visit the market and return with time to explore the San Telmo markets in Buenos Aires (on the weekends).

While on this day trip, we heard that you can also take a boat to Uruguay from Buenos Aires for the day.  Enjoy a 1 hour ferry ride across the Rio De La Plata and spend the day in the UNESCO town of Colonial.  No VISAs are required – only a passport.

No trip to Argentina is complete without a Tango Show.  Some include dinner and a show, maybe even wine. It is well worth the experience and we didn’t just have dancing but singing, music, and more. You do not have to pre-book this and many hotel concierge will be able to arrange this on your behalf (with transfers).

HOW TO STAY ACTIVE: I wouldn’t say that the boutique studio scene is quite there just yet but the fitness scene absolutely is!  It was so amazing going through Bosques de Palermo / Parque Tres de Febrero and seeing everyone being active.  From Zumba and yoga classes, to biking and rollerblading, there is no shortage of activity.  All throughout the city you will also find public recreation centers and fitness stations. People are literally able to get in a workout at anytime!

Our favorite way of staying active in Buenos Aires was biking it!  We were able to see so much of the city and covered the whole other side that we didn’t explore from our day of walking it. BikeTours Buenos Aires took us from San Martin Square, over to The Floralis Generica on Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, through the “central park” of the city, with time to explore the Rose Garden, along the neighborhood of Recoleta, up to the cemetery (where Evita is buried), and so much more!  It was the best way to see so much of Buenos Aires and a great way to stay active!


Overall, Buenos Aires was an incredible city.  To be honest, for a city so large, we felt like we covered most of it and really got a feel for what it had to offer. I recommend brushing up on your Spanish before traveling – it is not a bilingual country 😉

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