Flex Studios

Flexing and burning my muscles in a revolutionary full body workout out – this is @flexstudiosnyc


Flex Studios is a modern fitness space providing Pilates reformer classes, barre and TRX. The reformer class uses the exclusive FLEXFORMER – combining the Pilates reformer and Pilates chair, into one apparatus. The hybrid machine combines strength training and cardio for a full body session. The method has quick transitions and with many exercise options, you will certainly feel the burn. The studio space itself is large with a whole lounge area, separate studio for barre and TRX, and a private studio room. If you are looking for a full body modern day reformer class, check out FLEX studios and their new client specials!

TravelFitLOVE: I love the warm and inviting space. I felt like I could have stayed there all day. I like that FLEX offers other classes (which I can’t wait to try) but I also love the high quality of the Pilates class. It is nice to know the variety they offer but that you can get this full body exercise here – I don’t know many other studios that offer this type of variety. The space was clean and inviting, and while the music was up to date, it was hard to focus on it when all you are thinking about are your muscles shaking. I highly recommend checking out a class here!

Additional Thoughts: Everyone in the class was strong and knew how to use the machine. For new clients, be sure you let the instructor know if you are unfamiliar with the machine so you can be assisted and get the most out of your workout. While the studio space is large, there are NO showers. There is an area to freshen up but plan accordingly that you can not shower there. Be sure to bring a water bottle! The studio does not sell water but has a filter system for you to fill up. Overall, it is definitely worth checking out and I cant wait to try the other class types.

Want to take a class? Email me- TravelFitLove@gmail.com

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