“He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame”

Doing the time with @conbody


ConBody is a full body resistance workout, only using your body weight – no props.  This class is a prison designed bootcamp which was developed while Coss Marte was doing his time.  With full circle drills and count-offs, there is definitely a sense of community and comradery in class.

TravelFitLOVE: This class is in a small and intimate space.  During the high intensity workout, you do not wear sneakers.  I found this so interesting but loved how all of the exercises were moves that you could do anywhere #TravelFitLove  Each day of the week focuses on a different theme / body part, giving you a real mix to your day to day workout. Check out a full week for $75 or 1 class for $20 as a first-timer promo.

Additional Thoughts:  While I love the sense of community and intimacy, the small atmosphere may have been too filled. The location has one shower (so make it a quick one).  Be sure to bring a lock to store your items. Note that this is only a 45 minute class, so get ready to push yourself, and do your time!

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