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Feeling like a kid again with Amanda Kloots and @theropenyc


I was so excited to try out this class which would take me back to my childhood.  Jumping rope is something we all see in the gym and certainly something I have male friends putting into their workout routines. But a class based on this prop was something I had never tried.  ‘The Rope’ incorporates a full body workout with intervals of jumping in between.  I LOVE that this is a prop you can easily pack and take with you on a trip!

TravelFitLOVE: Amanda is a great instructor and her energy was contagious.  I felt myself smiling the WHOLE time! I love the mix of cardio with toning and find this type of workout to be so effective. One of my favorite elements of this method is that it can be done anywhere #TravelFitLove. Read more from Amanda on the class below.

Additional Thoughts: The Rope is currently only offered at Studio B in Bandier.  There are no showers so prepare accordingly.  While the class is for all levels, jumping does take practice so if you are not a frequent jumper, it can take some getting used to. If you have any foot or ankle injuries, I would avoid class until you are healed.

I had the opportunity to speak to Amanda first hand about the class.  Find out more below:

TFL: Who is Amanda Kloots?

AK: An Ohio native, I has played many roles since moving to New York: Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette, head trainer at Body by Simone, and did we mention dessert blogger?
I developed the jump rope method after years of trying different ways to stay in killer shape. I fell in love with the jump rope after discovering it’s the quickest, most effective way to get a full body workout, and spent years creating ways to use it for more than just jumping. It’s the ultimate prop to have with you at anytime, on any trip, on any day.

Now as a celebrity trainer and private class instructor, working out with Amanda leaves you feeling POW, WOW, WONDERFUL!

TFL: What is The Rope?

AK: The Rope is a completely original and NEW full body workout! This interval based class uses just one prop – the rope.  It’s not just jumping, the class is 55 minutes of cardio and toning intervals – using the jump rope in ways you’ve never imagined!  Get ready to jump, skip, and smile! 

TFL: What can participants expect?

AK: Participants can expect to learn how to jump rope and improve those skills as well!  You will also learn ways to use the jump rope to expand your workout so that with one prop you can get a complete full body workout!

TFL:  A jump rope is a GREAT Travel accessory #TravelFitLove. What is a quick workout routine you recommend ‘on the go’?

AK: My quick workout I always suggest is to put on your 5 favorite songs.  Each song should be a different tempo, slightly increasing each song.  Your goal is to jump to the tempo of the music.  The final song should be as fast as you can jump so that you can practice sprinting.  In 15-20 min you will have a great cardio workout that challenges your endurance and stamina!

TFL: Any additional comments to our readers?

AK: Don’t be afraid to jump rope!  I always say you don’t walk into your first yoga class expecting to do a headstand, right? Jump roping takes practice but it’s a workout that you see yourself improve at!

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