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Inhale 2,3,4,5 Exhale 2,3,4,5 – Pilates class with @EastRiverPilates


East River Pilates is a traditional Pilates studio in Brooklyn. They have a variety of classes including mat, reformer, cardio + condition and West African Dance!! Their clean and sleek space is modern and inviting. I can’t help but mention that the wonderful owner, Kimmy, is Australian so of course I fell in love with this place even more.


TravelFitLOVE: The studio is an 8-10 minute walk from JMZ, L and G subway lines. I like how they offer a variety of classes – with that said, I love that it is traditional reformer but in a modern type of studio.  At the beginning of class, Kimmy asked clients what they wanted to work on prior to starting – I loved that she catered towards the requests and designed the class with the students in mind. Also, they have a great little ‘shop’ area featuring one of my NYC athleisure favorites, Alexis Mera
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Additional Thoughts: The entrance and studio is at street level with the “floor” at the door – don’t hesitate to walk right in but take off your shoes. Check in is just past the mats and bodies 🙂 There is a shower on site but they charge for towel usage.
If you’re looking for a more traditional Pilates experience, I highly recommend checking them out for a modern atmosphere.


East River Pilates has an amazing intro offer for $99.  This includes unlimited Mat Pilates, Yoga + Core, Cardio + Condition, Stretch + Lengthen and Dance with Jules.  Along with 5 reformer classes and special discounts towards privates and apparel.


Want to take a class together?  Email me: TravelFitLove@gmail.com

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    I wish we could find a time to do some classes together. Ps love the black and white pants. Looked great with the red.

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