Passé – Burpee – Developé – Push-up

Once a dancer, always a dancer <3 – This is @_Fit_Ballet


Dance was my first form of fitness so I was so excited to try a workout class geared to dancers.  fitBallet combines the elements of a circuit training class with the strength and elongation of a ballet class. We started with a warm-up of plies and push-ups and went into two rounds of six exercises. Check out my interview with fitBallet creator Julie Schechter, below along with a few TFL deals!

TravelFitLOVE: I loved the mixed element of dance with fitness.  It wasn’t just another barre class – there were burpees and mountain climbers mixed in with passés and developés.  The music was all of the current hits which made it a much more ‘updated’ type of class. The teacher had great energy and did most of the class with us!   If you love a Barre class and want a good sweat – I highly recommend this class!

Additional Thoughts: The class is located within a studio space so they do not have their own facility. Come prepared not to shower after and bring water. There are only after-work class options except on the weekend when they offer mornings. Don’t expect to leave drenched but you will sweat and tone!




TFL: Who is Julie Schechter?
JS: I’ve been a dancer since I was about four, and my ballet training has stuck with me throughout my life. After college (where I was a dance major) I took a 180 degree turn and went to law school. I practiced at a big corporate law firm for several years before deciding to go in a different direction. I’ve been working on fitBallet since 2014, and have lived in LA or NYC since then…can’t decide which coast I like better!
TFL: How did you come up with Fit Ballet?
JS: During law school, I was really sedentary because I was studying all the time…a huge change after the 10 hours a day of moving I’d done in college. I had about an hour to work out per day, and I needed something that would let me keep my ballet body but also get my heart rate up and build muscle. I couldn’t find anything like it out in the world, so I made it myself!
TFL: Do you have to be a ballerina to take class?
JS: Not at all! The exercises we take from ballet are very basic, and the instructors demonstrate them in a broken-down, easy to understand way. If you’ve taken dance classes before, you’ll be right at home…but if you haven’t, that’s ok too!
TFL: What are your favorite moves for an “on the go” workouts?
JS: I’m a big fan of burpees (as anyone who’s taken class with me knows) since they’re fast, you need no equipment, and they work the whole body. On the ballet side, I’d say jumps in first position: massive cardio and lots of inner thigh toning!
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