NOVA Studios – Fitness InNOVAtion

I checked out Fitness InNOVAtion (NOVA) last week and I am pretty sure that I am still sore from the class. I had a fully private experience (pure luck) and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

TravelFitLOVE: I loved that the class was 30 minutes but with the benefits of a 90 minute class. Using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and wearing the body suit gives you a full body muscle training experience. You literally feel the shake. Imagine the vibration from a massage chair, all over your body. Muscles are immediately activated and you know you’re working!

Each section of class went by fast because you are focusing on other things, like the vibration of your booty, abs, etc. Wearing the suit also helps you to sweat (which I love). The instructor was encouraging and motivating through class. And did I mention it was only a 30 minute workout?

Additional Notes: The facility had plenty of showers for the “before / after work crowd”. I was very impressed with the private showers and vanities. Classes are small and limited so be sure to sign up in advanced. Want to try CLASSPASS – This studio runs between 7-11 credits. There are two locations, Midtown and Tribeca – I visited the 55th midtown location.

Overall, I really enjoyed the quick, yet effective class. Each day and time of class is a different type of workout, allowing you to switch it up throughout the week. Be sure to arrive early to suit up and definitely stay to stretch after!

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