Kick It By Eliza

Last month we took a long weekend to Newport.  At the hotel they were hosting fitness classes (Hello #TravelFitLove) which is where I met Eliza, from Kick It By Eliza.

I loved the energy and fast pace class but more importantly, I loved the sense of community. Even though Eliza came down from Boston to teach at the property, her “Fempire” (a term she has trademarked) came down to Newport too for a workout and get together.

The class started with a warm up and went into rounds of kickboxing inspired moves.  It ended with a cool down and meditation.  The 13 rounds went from one to another at a great pace.  No props were required so it really was a great workout for the active traveler.

I sat down with Eliza to learn more about her background and ‘Kick It By Eliza’.

Who is Eliza?

Eliza Shirazi was a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst when she noticed the lack of community centered fitness options for women. That changed when Eliza founded Kick It, a kickboxing method that promoteshealth and wellness while celebrating and inspiring women to lead a healthy life and make authentic connections with other women. This loyal following dedicated to female empowerment is better known as the Fempire®. What once began as a passion-fueled project has since turned into a well-respected brand that has certified over 400 instructors, partnered with brands like PopSugar and New Balance, and has been featured in major publications, like Glamour and Teen Vogue.

What is your background?

My background and experience began by growing up dancing, the last four years competitively. When I got to college I then deepened my knowledge of the body, movement, and the psychology of building community by studying Public Healthand Health Sciences as well as Communication. After graduation, I continued to practice my craft by learning boxing and kickboxing through the best of the best in the industry.

What is “Kick it By Eliza”?

As a method, Kick It By Eliza is a 13 round fitness method that is music-driven and kickboxing-inspired. This 50 minute class begins with a warm-up, kicks it into high gear with cardio, and ends with low impact work andmediation. Kick It will give you a full mind body experience and an inclusive community to ensure you feel empowered along the way. The Fempire® is at the heart of Kick It and encompasses the empowerment and strength we strive for every woman to feel from this method.

What can clients expect?

In addition to the physical and mental benefits of the actual method, the community is the biggest takeaway for clients. We believe groupfitness should not feel like a solo experience so the class is designed to be interactive and truly encourages participants to meet each other. We break the barrier of competition by enforcing a true sense ofcommunity through partner work and getting to know each other in the class. This communal vibe is what helps people come back and stick to their routine, as well as create new relationships with like-minded people.

Where can we find your classes? – we have instructors all over the country! In addition, follow along on social media @KickItByEliza to stay in the loop about events and classes.


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