Named the ‘Hardest Workout in NYC’  – this is @Tonehouse


Tonehouse will bring out the inner athlete in you! This group fitness class uses all planes of motions, just like you would on the field/court. It is safe to say that the warm-up is probably the most difficult part of class but also the part where you want to push yourself the most. In the 101 class (recommended for beginners), the warm up drills are broken up and there is a rest in between each set. In the regular classes, you go from one drill to the next without a break. From the warm up, you go into sprints combined with explosive and non-explosive movements (shuffles, bear crawls etc). You have a short interval of strength (we used the TRX and bungy ropes), followed by a circle drill, being called out to you. Ending class with a cool down and that “I survived” feeling!

TravelFitLOVE: Leave your ego at the door – Tonehouse is all about the team commraderie. As intimidating as it is going there, know that people will be cheering you on and encouraging you to push yourself along the way.  Their NoMad location is a great facility with showers, a lounge (including a TV), cold pools (think Jacuzzi but with chilled water to ice the muscles) and more.  I like how each day of the week has a different body focus, all while getting a full body workout.  For beginners, check out the TH101 class for a breakdown through class and more “breaks” during the infamous warm-up. I felt much stronger during the 101 than the normal class with regulars.

Additional Thoughts:  This really is one of the toughest workouts! While the instructors ask for injuries prior, no one was checked on or given modifications through class.  Be sure to ask for alternative options and check with your physician before taking class (especially wrist, ankle and shoulder injuries).  Be prepared to push yourself – that’s a good thing 😉  With that said, be prepared to be sore a few days after (man, those bear crawls!).

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