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TS Fitness is a personal training and small group fitness studio in Midtown East.  The atmosphere and class size allows for individual attention, making it great for people who may be too intimidated by larger fitness studios.  Not a class person? Check out their personal training options!

Check out my interview with Noam Tamir below!


TravelFitLOVE: I loved the fast circuit pace of the HIIT class and small group size of 8. This allowed everyone to have individual attention from the instructor.  If you need to work on form or have an injury, this is the class I recommend you take. I loved that they incorporated their stairwell for some cardio, along with the ski erg and versaclimber during class. Even though the class studio space is small, there are also TRX straps, ropes, bikes, and more.

Additional Thoughts: If you prefer a loud, dark room, this may not be the place for you. However, if you like circuit training classes, I definitely recommend checking it out.  There are 2 showers and 2 bathrooms with lockers, hairdryers and towel service. TS Fitness is also on Classpass! Check out their holiday special –  2 week trial for $79 which includes 4 sessions.  You can’t buy it online but you can email info@tsfitnessnyc.com to redeem it. Let them know TravelFitLove sent you 🙂


TFL: Who is Noam Tamir?

NT: I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the founder of TS “Together Stronger” Fitness.    I have been in the industry for 19 years. I value education and inspiration to help my clients and fitness community to become the strongest version of them selves.

TFL: What inspired you to open up your own facility?

NT: I have a background in sports and hospitality and I combined the two together.  I am a believer that creating a fitness inspired exercise community is how to help people accomplish their fitness goals.  I opened up TS to create an environment where people feel like individuals and not just numbers.   A space that is not intimidating and where people can build confidence.  The gym environment is what helped me build confidence at a young age.  It’s not about breaking people down its about building them up!


TFL: What’s your favorite exercise to do while traveling – without any equipment?

NT: I usually do a combination of workouts which you can check out on our instagram – @tsfitnessnyc or subscribe to our newsletter where we link to remote YouTube workouts.

If I had to choose only ONE exercise, I love to do bear crawling because it works the entire body.  Its legs, upper body and core.  It requires strength and endurance.  It also works your coordination and your brain function.  You can do it small spaces such a hotel room or even on the beach! 5-10 rounds 60s on and :15 rest is a nice condensed workout on the go.


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