FPC – Fit Pregnancy Club

One of the first things people asked me when I told them I was pregnant was “Are you still able to workout?” – The answer is YES!  In fact, the doctor has encouraged me to continue my active lifestyle through pregnancy.  While I may not be pushing myself as hard, I am finding new ways to exercise.  One of my favorite new studios is FPC-Fit Pregnancy Club

FPC is geared to Pre and Post Natal mamas. The signature class is a full body, low impact but high intensity class, designed to help you get ready for labor. There are other class types as well, including a post natal class where you can bring your little one to the workout!  (Talk about Travel Fit LOOOOVVVEEE).

TravelFitLOVE:  The environment is super inviting and the people are friendly.  Everyone is going through a similar change in their body and there is no “competition” on the mat. There is a changing table (with diapers) and a couch for you to step out of class if your baby needs the attention.  FPC is really a community, not just a studio.  They hold childbirth education classes, workshops, and “happy hours” to meet new moms. If you are looking for a way to stay active through the next 9 (but its really 10) months, check out FPC!


Additional Thoughts: I got in a really good sweat at my Signature class but please note that there are no showers. Just a changing area and bathroom.  The space is open concept so if you arrive early (and during the class before yours), give the instructor a moment to unlock the door (guilty).

Check out their Intro Pack – 2 for $35 and their new membership plans.

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