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Kayaking in Tahiti, Rafting in Lake Tahoe, Rowing in….Manhattan – this is @cityrow


I had tried CityRow a few years ago, and was excited to check it out with foodie friend @Alyssagagarin    With all of the fitness classes I take, Rowing is probably my least favorite.  But this class, I tried picturing myself doing something active while traveling 😉 City Row combines rowing with strength training making it a full body work out. Alyssa’s energy and the intervals, made the time go by pretty fast!

Check out my interview with Alyssa below.


TravelFitLOVE: The room is open and you have plenty of space between you, the rower, and the person next to you. The alternating intervals makes for a good sweat, which I love. The water rowers that they use, provides extra resistance, giving your legs and glutes more to work for and you are feeling the burn faster. This low impact equipment is a great full body workout for people of all levels. CityRow offers four different class types, so there is really something for everyone!

Additional Thoughts:  The Upper East Side location has lockerooms and showers but the Union Square location does not – be prepared to sweat but not shower. If you have arm or ankle injuries, I wouldn’t recommend this class for you. New to rowing?  It is worth checking out because you don’t spend the entire class rowing. I also think it is a great overall workout (even if it isn’t my favorite). Be sure to check out their new client buy 1 get 1 special or 3 for $75.


TFL: Who is Alyssa Gagarin?
AG:I’m a multi passionate person working in the food, wellness, and fitness industry. I can be found running around NYC as a CityRow instructor, a personal chef, cooking teacher and personal trainer. I love doing a variety of things throughout the day because I enjoy staying on my toes and each day is totally new and different! I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, fell in love with the arts and received by BFA in Musical Theatre from Penn State. Recently, I’ve combined my passions for food and performing into a Cooking Show on my youtube channel. I love story telling and by doing that on camera, through food, and encouraging others to get in the kitchen and cook!

TFL: How did you find your passion in cooking?
AG: I always found such joy in sharing my food with people. I loved making my friend’s birthday cakes and providing food at parties. I love the way we all connect with each other through food. I was obsessed with food television in college and would read cookbooks cover to cover. I loved exploring restaurants and flavors that were new and interesting to my palate. I started experimenting in the kitchen and taught myself how to cook with tons of trial and error. There was a huge spark within me and I knew that working with food in some capacity would play a big role in my life.

TFL: What is your favorite part about CityRow?
AG: Hard to choose a single thing because I have such love for CityRow! If I had to choose one favorite thing about CityRow, it would be how strong it makes me feel because it is FULL BODY. We use the water rower for both cardio AND strength training which leaves me feeling totally powerful. Once clients grasp this concept and start rowing for strength, it brings them such an invincible feeling. Their entire body is being challenged by using 85% of the body’s muscles on the row machine and no other steady state cardio machine can come close to that.

TFL: What can clients expect from your classes?
AG: Clients can expect to be challenged by maintaining proper form and using maximum effort. The class is super focused on low impact exercises that protect your joints and is totally safe for people of all levels and experience. Rowing is as hard as you make it for yourself. Only you can find your power on the rower and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!!


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Photos by Stephanie Cowan

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