CKO Boxing Upper East Side

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I checked out CKO kickboxing last week during their lunch time class.  I was so impressed by the amount of people during the 12:15pm time slot. Many of them seemed like regulars and were ready to put all of their energy into the bag.


TravelFitLOVE:  The class went by really fast.  It started with a cardio warm up of jumping jacks, some jabs, push-ups etc.  Then we went into a series of exercises on the bag. The different punching combos had me thinking a lot more about what I was doing, verses what I was going to have for lunch 😉   The combination section was broken up by sit ups and other floor exercises. The instructor made his way all through class giving everyone corrections and feedback. The facility was underground and all lights were on.  So if you don’t like the boxing spots where it is dark, this place is for you!

Additional Thoughts: Many people were dripping in sweat (which I love).  But make sure you bring your own towel. I did not see shower facilities but I am sure most clients live nearby and shower at home. I can’t remember one song on the playlist so don’t rely on the music to “push you”.  There seems to be less of a “cult” following and ‘scene’ at this studio which many people prefer. If you are looking for a 45 min session to blow some steam, check out CKO Boxing – Upper East Side!


  1. First time free!
  2. 3 classes and gloves for $29.99
  3. 15% off monthly membership with code TFLCKOUES
  4. 20% off a 10 class card with code TFLCKOUES


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