When a high intensity workout, mixed with power flow Yoga combine – this is @RehabNYC


I was invited to take Rehab during a mid-day “lunch break” and was excited to see what I could experience from a 35 minute class.  I was happily surprised!  While there were some familiar yoga flows/poses involved, there was much more body power required.  We had different intervals of movement mixed with body weight isometric holds.  I was quickly warmed up and breaking a sweat. Not only did the class push me physically, it empowered me mentally and inspired me to keep going. Check out this FREE class and a great workout while traveling, no equipment required!!

Check out my interview with creator Bryna Carracino below!

TravelFitLOVE: I loved the sense of comradery in the room.  You were either there for ‘cleanse’ or for ‘rehab’, which we were reminded about through class.  Everyone had a purpose and it wasn’t about who was stronger, it was each person’s own, personal experience. Bryna was talking us through the movement every step of the way. Her words were encouraging and motivating.

Additional Thoughts:  My class was hosted at Lululemon’s HUB Seventeen.  There aren’t showers there but the lounge area is great.  While I was skeptical about how much I would get out of a 35 minute class, it really was a great workout for a short period of time.  I encourage you to try this during your next lunch break!


TFL: Who is Bryna?

BC: Wow! what a question. I’m a mother. I’m an athlete. I’m a vegan. I’m a Fitness coach. I’m a recovered addict which is what lead me to the path I’m on now. I’m dedicated. I’m passionate. I’m committed to an all encompassing healthy lifestyle.

TFL:  What is REHAB?

BC: Rehab is a class designed to REHABilitate the mind, body and spirit through mental training, the speed of music(BPM), higher intensity resistance training and animal/power yoga flow. The REHAB program  is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone. Teach you positive internal dialogue. Lift you up psychologically and leave you feeling strong, empowered and recovered mind, body and spirit.

TFL: How did you come up with REHAB?

BC: Being in the industry for about 10 years, I of course have evolved as a human, as an athlete, as a coach. I learned through my own studies, my own moving meditation(aka exercise) and through my own clients process what movements felt the best on the mind, body AND spirit.

TFL: What is your favorite REHAB move for the traveler?

BC: REHAB is designed to not have to rely on equipment. By using your own body weight it is just as effective.  I’d say my favorite/on the road is the whole program!! REHAB live online offered twice a week! Perfect class to jump into while traveling. All you need is your cell phone and your body. For more info go to

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