Cardio Sweat Party

Dancing, boxing, and sweating all in one class – you have to check out @mzmotivational and her Cardio Sweat Party!!!


Cardio Sweat Party is a hybrid class that uses cardio kickboxing, dance movements, strength training, and core work through choreography. I have taken this class a few times and every time I leave smiling, sweating and feeling good!   You will learn 2-4 choreographed combinations on the right side and finish the class off on the left.  In between the combos, you could find yourself doing jumping jack, burpees, or even freestyle dancing.

TravelFitLOVE:  This class will grab your attention since you are trying to remember the routine (and not think about what you are having for dinner).  But one thing that I really love about it, is that it’s for people of all ages and levels.  Michele will provide modifications for beginners and some harder options for advanced and regular ‘partiers.’  Michele’s energy is what brings clients back for more!!  Even when sweating and ready for a break, she encourages you with a smile on her face.  See more below on my interview with Michelle!

Additional Thoughts:  The studio is small so arrive early to grab your spot.  It is located at Power Studios which is a part of Power Pilates. They have bathrooms and shower facilities there.  Michele will be hosting classes outside in the summer so be sure to follow along for updated information.


Exclusive interview with ‘MZ Motivational”

TFL: Who is Michele ‘MZ Motivational’?

MZ: My name is Michele, but over the years, a lot of people referred to me as “Motivational Michele”.  Whether it was achieving a business, academic, or work goal, my friends and co-workers always came to me for a healthy dose of positivity and advice.  About 5 years ago, when it was time to build what I do into a brand, Miss Motivational just worked!  Teaching, in any format, is my greatest passion.  I thrive off of a good challenge and get excited when I push people to the next level.  Whether it’s by executing an energizing event, having a one-on-one conversation, speaking in front of a group, or making people “raise the roof”, my mission is to inspire people to smile and make things happen.

TFL: How did you come up with Cardio Sweat Party?

MZ: Prior to teaching, I actually practiced Kickboxing and Muay Thai for 7 years.  In addition to kickboxing, I loved to dance, despite stopping technical training early on.  When I returned to college for sophomore year, I checked out the Group Fitness Schedule.  They had Cardio Kickboxing listed so I signed up.  This was NOT the kickboxing I knew.  This was set to music, the kicks and punches were slightly different.  But it was FUN and effective.   I loved classes, meeting new friends, feeling good, getting stronger and looking leaner.  The teacher suggested that with my good form I should become an instructor.  Before I knew it, I studied and practiced for HOURS to become both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

TFL:  What can participants expect?

MZ: As my current students say, “You just have to go!” Before you walk in, I try to create a welcoming environment.  I KNOW how intimidating it can feel to try a new class, in a new spot, with new people.  We introduce each other, start the class with some positivity & a few jokes, and make everyone feel welcomed.

TFL: What are some of your favorite CSP moves for on the go workouts?


  • Raise The Roof. This is a silly one. All you have to do is run or jog in place and push your hands overhead. This is the move to help wake you up in the middle of your work day.  Around 3PM when you get tired, stand up from your desk and raise the roof!  When you put your hands overhead, your heart rate goes up which automatically gives you more life.  Plus, the exercise is so funny that you HAVE TO laugh 🙂
  • Hitch Kicks. Pure power!  This is a front kick gone crazy!  Draw your left leg up towards your chest and then quickly jump switch so that the left lands on the ground as the right leg kicks forward.  Repeat on the side.  It’s fun, empowering, and gets your heart rate up fast!
  • Curtsy Tap Outs.  While keeping your chest lifted, sit yourself down into a narrow squat.  Take your right leg, curtsy lunge it behind you and then tap it out to the right while staying in the squat position.  Try this 12x on each side!  Play music, add some arm moves, and enjoy the booty burn!


To check out Cardio Sweat Party, use code TRAVELFITLOVE for 20% off your class package (single, 5 or 10).



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    […] Cardio Sweat Party is a non-stop, high-energy kickboxing workout fused with dance moves and sports drills.  This Summer, the creator Michele Gordon will be leading OUTDOOR classes at Hype Gym every Wednesday at 7PM through the Fall. […]

  2. Outdoor NYC Workouts – Travel Fit Love

    […] Cardio Sweat Party is a non-stop, high-energy kickboxing workout fused with dance moves and sports drills.  This Summer, the creator Michele Gordon will be leading OUTDOOR classes at Hype Gym every Wednesday at 7PM through the Fall. […]

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